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I like writing because it forces me to slow down a little. Ive always had a difficult time speaking and getting off topic or saying the wrong words. When I write its just my mind and when I lose track I can go back and reread if I need to. My focus allot of times is rethinking things we already know. Trying to see it from a different angle so more people can understand. We all process things in one way or another and sometimes things don’t click untill you hear it a certain way or get a certain piece of information. In the end were all the same.

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looking for love

Racism and all that stuff.

So I find it intresting that autistic people naturally recognize other autistic people. Something about the brain sees itself in another person and guards are easily lowered and anxiety calmed. What if there’s something to take from this. What if things like racial biased and racism stem from this. They do studies that show white […]

I find it fascinating.

I like to listen and compare stories I hear and things people say to try and understand how people work. What I find fascinating is how we use sex to act out tramua and be rewarded for it. All i can really think is that because sex is about survival evolutionaryspeaking lol, its the brains […]

We are all the same.

I think this is true done to the very core. Honestly i just believe its the human ego thats wants to believe we are different. Why do I think this is true? Think about it for a moment what makes you different from everyone else? Your abilities, your skills, your knowledge? All these things have […]


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