Allot of me here

Just a dude ( i hope )

If your reading this then thanks for taking an interest 🙂

I have never really cared to talk about myself much simply put i feel as if i’m allot of things. When people want to know about you and who you are its almost like they really want to here the parts of you that would compliment them. In that respect i’m the worst cause i like to challenge peoples way of thinking if you cant give me a plausible reason to your way of thinking then do you even really know why you think that way? On the other end of that when i love someone then i give them better ways to think of things. I want the people i love to understand who they are is ok because its all they know how to be. i cant judge them for that nor will i love them less if they don’t change but i want them to know they can and that there is another way if they do want to change. With friends i always support them and do my best to help validate how they feel as well as who they are. With kids i have fun act silly treat them as equals and explain things to them they don’t yet understand. This way of thinking has always helped me tame and be loved by even the wildest beasts. With strangers I’ve always done what i can to respect them and if i’m able to i will offer assistance. Who are we but the way we treat other people, as far as all my thoughts and other things that are not so pg well i save those for myself and the one i love.